'P l a t i n u m    A l b u m'

Ilham Al Madfai
Released in 1999 by EMI music (Virgin Records), This album got the platinum album record prize (1999,2000) for being the best Arabic selling Album under Virgin Records label(EMI music), a classical album for each and every Lover of world wide music, the first song (khuttar) was and still a hit that u listen to everywhere in this world when we talk about Arabic music.

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I l h a m   A l  M a d f a i

Khuttar (Listen)

Allah Alayk (Listen)

Ashgar Beshama (Listen)

ChalChal Alaya Alroman

Maly Chugul Blsouq (Listen)

Fouq El Nakhal (Listen)

Katrat Almatar

Sharabtak Al may

Elnom Moharam

Haya Bina

The Bazringosh

Gulli Shamaramek

Farewell To The Sands

Live at Hard Rock Café (Beirut) This album was released in 2000 which was a live performance held in Hard Rock café (Beirut), it was recorded live in Lebanon and released after that by Emi Music.

Live at Hard Rock Café

Bint Al Shalabia (Listen)

Ya Atholey (Listen)

Ya Glaibi Sl Wi Thoob

Disaney Wa Arif Marami

Maly Chugul Blsouq

Chobie (Part 1) (Listen)

Chobie (Part 2)


IlRail Wa Hamad


Baghdad  This is the latest album released by EMI Music (Virgin records).

This album is heading to the platinum prize also, it was recorded in London, Jordan & Lebanon, it’s a world cross over music album, a combination of Arabic tunes with Modern Jazz and Latin, using different rhythms and instruments.


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 Free Download Song: M a w t i n i


Ya Binnaya

Hroof Al Hubb




Habibi Raah

Bein Alasser

Ma Meiqtinie Beek


Wein Rayeh

Fly Me To The Moon


 All album musical arrangements By Ilham Al Madfai

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